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volume 4   24-November,2016

volume 5   1-December, 2016tickets_button

SHOW @ 8pm
The Emerald Room
incubator project
New works with a unique range of dancers and musicians who are experimenting with new ideas and forms of technology to inspire innovative work.  This unique group of artists will electrify audiences beyond the constraints of the physical venue.

Small Stage has a new project, incubator project. 

This week our unique range of dancers and musicians are experimenting with new ideas. 

The incubator project is about building space for risk, while focusing on shared learning experiences.  It builds on unique opportunities and challenges diverse dance artists who are interested in growing their work in new and exciting ways.

We need your help!

We want your opinion on particular elements of this performance: movement quality, costuming, integration of lighting and sound, theme, length – among many other elements that will contribute to our success.

Ask questions! Make suggestions!  We want to hear what you think!  With your valuable response, we will further enhance and strengthen these creations.

NEXT WEEK:   volume 5   1-December, 2016
We are going to build on your feedback, and take each work in different directions.

Small Stage Leaps into First Full Season

The Small Stage electrifying 2016/17 line-up

Featuring dance luminaries and special guests, performed in the intimate settings that define Small Stage.  

As it moves into its 15th year of inspiring artists and igniting audiences, Small Stage is issuing its earliest-ever preview of a season line-up that reflects the company’s success at building a passionate fan base for innovative performance works staged in unconventional spaces.

From October 2016 through February 2017, Small Stage will present five new shows that feature renowned and emerging artists, showcasing the diversity and experimentation that mark Vancouver’s dance scene.

Small Stage 35: the valentine's edition
ANZA Club  |  9 thru 12 February, 2017
 signature series
Co-curated by Heather Dotto this edition will showcase a mash-up of genres from hip hop to jazz and urban street to contemporary.   Josh Beamish will create and perform a new piece based on the work of American dance legend Bob Fosse.
the associates
23 thru 25 February, 2017  |  The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
inclubator project
This group of artists will electrify audiences beyond the constraints of the physical venue.
WORKS BY:  Burgundy Brixx, Scheherazaad Cooper,  Vanessa Goodman, Dayna Szyndrowski