About digital dance

Small Stage is blending dance and performance with the digital realm, creating powerful dance experiences using new and innovative technology. From integrating technology into our performances to equipping artists with the skills to produce their own digital performances, we are passionate about bringing technology into the performance space for a brand-new way to experience dance. 

In the development of new audiences, we reduce barriers and make dance more accessible to a larger demographic interested in more interactive relationships with dancers and dance content. By developing skills in artists using live and digital dance, we reach audiences and use technology to create integrated experiences dance. Our goal is to leverage technology and extend our reach beyond the constraints of the physical venue.

equipping artists with digital literacy

We want to initiate new collaborative opportunities that aim to develop digital skills for dance artists.  Currently, dance artists lack skills and resources to integrate digital tools for the development and creation of their work.  Our approach is essential to developing capacity within the dance community. By giving artists tools they can use, letting them experiment and hone their skills will catapult dance into the future.  

These images illustrate the effects of our digital dance app, used in performance for Winter’s Dance 2018.

These images illustrate the effects of our digital dance app, used in performance for Winter’s Dance 2018.

Technology in Performances

Small Stage integrates technology and digital elements into shows in creative ways, creating dynamic digital backdrops, sharing exclusively digital performances, and creating interactive opportunities for our audiences to join the digital fun. 

augmented reality mobile app

In Winter’s Dance 2018, we invited our audiences to come along on an adventure into dance performance and augmented reality. By downloading the Small Stage: Digital Dance mobile app, attendees could make images of snowflakes come to life with a mini dance.

Download our app on IOS or Android, print our snowflake stages here, and use the app to make our digital dancers come to life!

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This app was prototyped with a student team at the Centre for Digital Media. Check out our process, through the eyes of Seán Conroy the Creative Lead, VFX Artist and UX Design on the project.

Artists in Residence Program

The Small Stage Artists in Residence Program is an incubator for upcoming artists, and provides the space, resources, and inspiration to perform. This program allows us to support dance artists who are also interested in leveraging technology to augment their dance creations, while helping artists explore and realize their concept in a way they cannot do on their own. Small Stage empowers artists to embrace technology and consider how they can develop works that are hybrid creations for live and virtual audiences. Learn more about our Artists in Residence Program here


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