creating new stages


creating new stages for everyone, everyday and anywhere



small stage is a platform to share with and connect people through dance.

small stage combines live and digital dance to create innovative experiences designed for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.  

small stage mixes technology with dance to create innovative works.

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core drivers + values

Be creative and curious through questioning, researching, exploring technology, and innovative approaches by linking dance and audiences.

Inspire others by creating a sense of wonder and awe in the beauty and power of dance experiences.

Connect people to spaces by animating the public realm through dance, or wherever they may experience dance.

Be energized by providing fun, invigorating audience and dancer experiences that make people feel alive.

Make a difference by contributing to and being of service to our community through accessibility to dance.

Create a sense of belonging by encouraging and helping people to feel they have a sense of belonging and are connected to one another through dance experiences.


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