Winter's Dance 2017

I am excited to see another unique collaboration between Small Stage and Robson Street bring the arts to a public space for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect setting to create a bit of holiday magic.
— Julie-anne Saroyan, small stage creative producer

about the show

Winter’s Dance #OnRobson returned on December 1 + 2, 2017 to kick off the holiday season with a public digital show!

In collaboration with the Robson Street Business Association, Small Stage used their passion for blending technology and dance to create eye-catching digital performances that lit up the winter night. People walking along Robson Street were treated to a front-row seat to “The Snow Queen”, a whimsical story about a Snow Queen and her kingdom. The Snow Queen’s dance was projected onto the John Robson Building, creating a winter wonderland amidst the hustle and bustle of Robson Street. Performances were repeated every 15 minutes from 6-9pm, making sure that everyone had the chance to see the queen’s spectacle.

Teri Smith, Executive Director of the Robson Street Business Association, captured the spirit of the Winter’s Dance well when she said “The holidays are always such a magical time of year, and we want to create something extra special for our visitors as they shop, dine, and stroll Robson Street.” This special performance was a welcome stop for many passers-by, who took a moment to enjoy the magical performance, hot cocoa, and treats.

works by

Dancer: Caitlin Griffin, Andrew Haywood, Deven Generaux, Sara Formosa

Photographer + Video: Laura Zeke Photography

Illustrator: Julia Iredale

Animator: Noah Stacey

Visual Effects: Lee Rosenbaum

Music: Patrick Pennefather

Small Stage