Summer Series 2018

Everybody’s doing shows in a bar now—and that’s great! They can do that, and I’m going to reach farther.
— Julie-anne Saroyan, small stage creative producer | published by the georgia straight

about the show

In July 2018, Small Stage brought their 2018 Summer Series to the streets of Vancouver! We brought to life all the ways dance connects us, to our city, our land and ourselves. Our Summer Series 2018 invited dancers and attendees alike to get back to basics and feel the pull of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Audiences were treated to our showcase of a diverse variety of performers, with styles ranging from Contemporary to Hip Hop, Bhangra to Scottish Highland, and Japanese and Chinese to Tap and Flamenco. For the dance fans and curious pedestrians alike, the Summer Series was designed to bring together dance artists of all cultures, styles and traditions living within our community.

We kicked off our Summer Series with an Urban Dance Alley Party on Robson Street for Canada Day! Small Stage dancers electrified the alleyway between CB2 and Shenanigans with outdoor pop-up dance performances and hip-hop workshops, featuring live music and DJs, as well as live art throughout the day to entertain lovers of dance and passers-by alike.

The series continued throughout July, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, making dance accessible to all ages, income groups and abilities. Eclectic, outdoor dance pieces performed by local dancers, featuring a range of styles combining the classical arts with a modern, urban twist. Every Wednesday at noon in Robson Square, and every Saturday at 7 PM at Bute Robson Plaza, these foot-traffic-stopping shows provided the perfect escape from a busy work day, and the perfect complement to a Vancouver summer evening. Also, we were honoured to present our Summer Series as a part of the 30th Anniversary Edition of Dancing on the Edge @ Chain & Forge Performance Area Granville Island. 

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works by

Ashley Sweett, Marisa Christegeorge, Devan Genereux, Megan Hunter, Brooke Williamson, Hannah Henney, Natasha Gorrie, Diamonds in the Rough, Sarah Formosa, Russell Lee, Alexandra Clancy, Susan Nase, Hardeep Sahota, Karen Flamenco, Andrea Williams, Jeanette Kotowich, Chengxin Wei, Jessica Jone, Emma Lee, Sherry Han, Regina Fang, Emma Lee, Joseph Lee, Vanessa Goodman, Bynh Ho, Stéphanie Cyr, Andrew Bartee, Colleen Lanki/ Tome Arts and Sandrine Cassini.


Photographer: Karolina Turek

Dancers: Devan Genereux, Megan Hunter, Brooke Williamson, and Marisa Christogeorge

Small Stage