Small Stage 35: the valentine's edition

9 THRU 12 FEBRUARY, 2017


This is a classic Romeo and Juliet story with a twist.
– A genre-blending,
gender bending,
time-transcending twist.

This February, immerse yourself in the age-old exposé of the universal story of love and loss. Small Stage 35: the valentine’s edition is a dance portrayal of Romeo and Juliet set on our signature distinctly small stage. Genres include hip hop, jazz, urban street, contemporary, and a few other surprises…

(Bring your phone to unlock the full experience.)

Emcees: Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner, co-hosts of the popular podcast, Pop This!

Works By:
Josh Beamish
Heather Dotto
Kim Satto
The Darlings Cabaret
Navid Charkhi + Crew

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