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There are so many ideas that artists have tried on our small stage and expanded later on. Funding can be challenging to find, so hardly any artists trying an idea out are going to get money for that. As a Small Stage Resident Artist, they can try out those ideas they’ve always wanted to.
— Julie-anne Saroyan, creative producer

About the program

Small Stage’s Artists in Residence Program invests in emerging artists and their creative practice, by giving them the experience, feedback and tools to bring their artistic vision to life. By bringing diverse artists together and providing technical, artistic, financial, and marketing support, we help artists explore and realize their concepts in a way that they cannot do on their own. We ignite ideas and provide our resident artists with the opportunity to push boundaries with their performances, dance in innovative settings, and connect with different styles and movements.

Small Stage Artists in Residence:

Get challenged: From tapping on the street to twirling in a fountain, our artists get creative to perform on the unique stages that we provide them. Small Stage also empowers artists to embrace technology and consider how they can develop works that are hybrid creations for live and virtual audiences.

Get inspired: For many performers, inspiration comes from the people they are surrounded by and the environment they’re in. Small Stage is an incubator that offers creative support for dancers and artists.

Get connected: Resident Artists have the opportunity to make connections with the other artists in the program, as well as the numerous guest performers we invite to our shows. Small Stage is proud to provide artists mentorship and dramaturgy with established performers, including the support of Julie-anne Saroyan as Creative Producer.

Get dancing: We provide artists with a platform to push boundaries and take risks through innovative performances, as well as to try out styles and techniques that they’ve always wanted to test out. Helping artists to understand the creative process in its entirety ultimately enables dance to evolve successfully into the future.

The Small Stage Accelerator Labs are a product of our Aritsts in Residence Program. Learn more about the Accelerator Labs here.


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