Winter’s Dance


1 + 2 December, 2018

Winter's Dance is a non-linear narrative on a 15-minute loop and runs continuously from 6-9pm each night #OnRobson Street.

Audience members are invited to walk around the 1100 Block of Robson Street and experience a large-scale projection, our Snow-globe Music Box Dancers and Augmented Reality Mobile App.

Winter’s Dance is based on three Music Box Dance Characters.

A Steam-Punk Hip Hop Dancer a Gramophone Tap Dancer and a Ballet Jewelry Box Dancer.

creative team

creative producer:  Julie-anne Saroyan

dancers: Alex Clancy | Devan Genereux | Hannah Henney

composer:  Patrick Pennefather

animator: Seán Conroy

video:  Russell Lee

snowflake design:  Rachel Kane

digital lead: Lee Rosenbaum

technical director: Matt Oviatt

Stage manager: Beverley Siver

Winter’s Dance Mobile App

Experience our latest adventure into augmented reality and digital dance.

Unlock all three magical Music Box Dancers and three whimsical snowflake dances.


1- download the Winter’s Dance mobile app. 

2- find one of our Winter’s Dance Snowflakes or print snowflakes here.

3- open the mobile app and see the Music Box Dancers.

Winter’s Dance is Presented by the Robson Street Business Association, in collaboration with Small Stage.