phase 1
Creative Research + Development

Artists are invited to collaborate and develop core content, music and movement vocabulary for future use.

Artists work collaboratively to improvise, have a willingness to connect, and push their own boundaries.

phase 2
Rapid Prototyping

Artists are guided to create together with other artists through a tool called rapid prototyping. An important part of the rapid prototyping methodology in this context is to incorporate new and digital media into the development of dance works.

phase 3
Discover + Iterate

Artist share their concepts with a group of experts in dance, music, technology and new media. New and unexpected conversations can spring up between artists and technologists who can share ideas for audience participation and development of core ideas.

phase 4

Artist participate in transferring the working from the creation stage to performance.  The inspiration and knowledge gained from the Research + Development stage is then built into a work, to be presented at a Small Stage show.