Small Stage 37: the valentine edition

Immerse yourself in hybrid dance-cabaret with the age-old exposé of the universal story of love.




February 14 thru 17, 2018

doors @ 7pm | SHOW @ 8pm


VIRTUAL EMCEE: Patrick Pennefather

Burgundy Brixx
Sydney M. Cochrane
Sarah Formosa
Devan Genereux
Andrew Haydock
Russell Lee
Hannah Henney
Natasha Gorrie


VIRTUAL EMCEE: Patrick Pennefather

Vocal Coaching: Sheinagh Anderson
Tech Support: Mark Lange


Falseta Piazzolla

Dancer/Choreographer: Sydney M. Cochrane
Music: Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla, Performed by Elisa Thorn and Zoë Robertson

BIG thank you's go to everyone involved in Small Stage for all of the support and inspiration, and to my dear partner Michael for all of his love and support through such recent craziness.


My Evergreen

Dancers/Choreographers: Hannah Henney and Natasha Gorrie
Music: Evergreen by YEBBA

Hannah and Natasha are both members of Diamonds in the Rough.  An all female street dance crew.

With their diverse dance backgrounds they have collaborated and created a fresh take on the story of love.

Natasha and Hannah, would like to thank Brad Chiasson of Westside Dance Centre for donating space for us to create and rehearse.


Dancer/Choreographer: Devan Genereux
Music: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (1981 Recording): Aria by Glenn Gould
O Fortuna by Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel

This piece is about love through the ages.

Thank you to JA and Vanessa Goodman for your creative input and help throughout this process.

Thank you to Dawn Padget and the production department at Arts Club Theatre and Bard on The Beach for helping to bring my vision to life.


waiting valentines

Dancer/Choreographer: Andrew Haydock
Music: Home by Colin Stetson

This piece explores the anticipation of writing and leaving a love letter.

Thank you to JA for bringing Small Stage to life, and Vanessa Goodman for being the outside eye.  Chelsea Henderson, Lindsay Spence for being in the rehearsal  process.


Secret Admirer

Dancer/Choreographer: Hannah Henney
Music: Dvorak symphony No.9 by New York Philharmonic, I Feel For You by Chaka Khan

This piece is about the joy of receiving an anonymous love letter.


The Composition of a Cliche Love Story

Dancers/Choreographers: Sarah Formosa and Russell Lee
Music: Typewriter Noises, Path by Zoe Keating

This piece is a research of communication, relationships and love today.

Sarah, would like to thank Russell for his collaboration and grace throughout this process.

Thank you to Small Stage and JA for giving us the space to create, and Vanessa Goodman for her creative guidance.