Sydney Cochrane

Has a big heart and a small head.

FACTS about Sydney

#1 I am still learning how to whistle.

#2 I dream in music.

#3 Strangers constantly try to guess my ethnic background

guesses include:  Polish, Spanish, Irish, Afghan, Jewish, English, French, Romani

#4 I love Duvel. Always. Anytime.

Sarah Formosa

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love” - Mother Teresa


FACTS about Sarah

#1 I use to be a competitive Gymnast

#2 I am Maltese and Filipino

#3 Bubble tea is my weakness

#4 I lived in San Francisco

#5 I don’t like spicy food

Devan Genereux

Small stage, big hearts.

Happy Smallinties Day!


FACTS about Devan

#1 I can lick my own elbow

#2 I have a pizza tattoo

#3 My favorite movie is Kill Bill vol.1

#4 I can ride a unicycle- at least I could when I was 12

#5 I’m afraid of worms and slugs

Andrew Haydock

We meet again Small Stage.


FACTS about Andrew

#1 My mustache naturally curls.

#2 I'm South African

#3 I've fallen off a Small Stage.

#4 I've never had sushi with fish in it.

#5 Biggest Harry Potter nerd.