Summer Series 2018

Small Stage is finding new ways to connect dance to our city.   

In July 2018, Small Stage kicked off the Summer Series with an Urban Dance Alley Party on Robson Street for Canada Day, and continued with the Summer Series for 12 show's throughout the month of July.  During the month, we had almost 13,000 live audience members and our social media campaign captured over 990,000 total (paid and organic) impressions, 3,051 event responses, and 3,547 total (paid and organic) clicks to our website.

Small Stage had shows in Robson Square, at Bute Robson Plaza and on Granville Island at Chain and Forge. 

Each Small Stage show was a diverse collection of 5-7 minute dances, from Contemporary to Hip Hop, Bhangra to Scottish Highland, Japanese and Chinese to Tap and Flamenco, and designed to be accessible, diverse and entertaining. 

our goals

Bring together dance artists of all cultures, styles and traditions living within our community.

Hold shows in a public places making dance accessible to all ages, income groups and abilities.

Check out what Janet Smith said about the Summer Series in the Georgia Straight. 

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Small Stage was honoured to be part of the 30th Anniversary Edition of Dancing on the Edge @ Chain & Forge Performance Area Granville Island.  



All Female Hip Hop Crew

Choreographers: Natasha Gorrie, Roberta Bierman, Hannah Henney; Dancers: Natasha Gorrie, Roberta Bierman/Helen Dang, Hannah Henney/Sarah Corrigan

Music: Missy Elliott: Sock it 2 me Kaytranada remix, Anderson Paak: Bubblin’; Nick Grant: Get Down


Contemporary Lyrical

Choreographer: Ashley Sweett

Dancers: Marisa Christegeorge, Devan Genereux, Megan Hunter, Brooke Williamson

Music: Security Ballet by Rolfe Kent, Sirenes - Tabla by Jon Brion, Jasmines by Jai Paul

Hannah Henney

Urban Tap Fusion

Choreographer + Dancer: Hannah Henney;

Music: Gene Kelly: Singing in the rain; Missy Elliott: The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

Susan Nase

Scottish Highland

Choreographer + Dancer: Susan Nase

Musician: Owen Reid (Bagpipes)

Hardeep Sahota


Choreographer + Dancer: Hardeep Sahota

Musician: Ravi Ustaad (Dhol) 

Folklok Fusion

Bhangra + Highland Fusion

Choreographers + Dancers: Susan Nase, Hardeep Sahota

Musicians: Owen Reid (Bagpipes) + . Ravi Ustaad (Dhol) 

Karen Flamenco

Flamenco Traditional

Choreographer + Dancer:  Karen Flamenco

Musician: Gerardo Alcala - flamenco guitar 

Natasha Gorrie

Urban Street - Freestyle

Choreographer + Dancer:  Natasha Gorrie

The Composition of a Cliche Love Story


Dancers/Choreographers: Sarah Formosa and Russell Lee

Music: Typewriter Noises, Path by Zoe Keating

Dancing Through Time


Choreographer + Dancer: Alexandra Clancy

Musician: Mike Allen

Burn Beneath the Water (excerpt)

Flamenco Dance

Choreographer + Dancer: Andrea Williams

Musicians: Singer: Farnaz Ohadi; Percussion: Susana Abreu


Metis Jig

Choreographer + Dancer: Jeanette Kotowich

Music: Métis Fiddler: JJ Lavallee

Cai Wei

Classical Chinese dance in Han Tang style

Choreography: Kong De Xin;

Dancers: Emma Lee, Sherry Han, Regina Fang

Red Wood

Contemporary Chinese dance

Choreography: Chengxin Wei

Dancers: Emma Lee, Joseph Lee



Creators: Vanessa Goodman/ Action at a Distance, with performers Bynh Ho and Stéphanie Cyr; Performers: Bynh Ho, Stéphanie Cyr

Music Credits: Bach + Not Waving

Conquering the solitude

Contemporary Ballet

Choreographer: Sandrine Cassini

Dancer: Andrew Bartee

Music: Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing A Circle


Traditional Japanese classical dance. Fujima School.

Dancer: Colleen Lanki

Music: Nagauta. Traditional; Performed by: Lan Tung, Peggy Lee, Jonathan Bernard)

Weaver Woman in a Window

Contemporary Japanese

Choreographer + Dancer: Colleen Lanki

Music: Xiao He Tang Shui (Little Stream); Traditional Chinese folk song, arr. Lan Tung; performed by the Orchid Ensemble (Lan Tung, Yuchen Wang, Jonathan Bernard)

Small Stage