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Julie-anne Saroyan | Creative Producer

Saroyan's approaches dance in non-conventional and entrepreneurial ways - connecting audiences to dance in non-traditional venues, mentoring next generation artists, and more recently experimenting with dance in digital realms.

As the Creative Producer of Small Stage, Julie-anne Saroyan loves sharing dance with everyone.  

Saroyan co-founded the company and kicked off the series Dances for a Small Stage in Vancouver.  Since then, Julie-anne has she has produced many dance events- including almost 50 installments of the series Dances for a Small Stage in Vancouver, at the Canada Dance Festival (2006), BC Scene (2009) and Magnetic North Theatre Festival + Canada Dance Festival (2015) at The National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Julie-anne’s background in includes a degree in dance combined with technical theatre from York University and an internship in stage management at The Banff Centre.  But it’s the excitement of sharing dance with regular people that inspire her to continue to develop and support dance artists and push boundaries that connects them with audiences.  Julie-anne is inspired by developing the talent of young dance artists, and creating new audiences for dance. Her goal is to connect people through dance, architect ideas, foster creativity and provide management and technical support that furthers artistic growth and audience development. Julie-anne’s work philosophy is based on being creative, visionary and pragmatic.  

Julie-anne has established herself in dance industry as a skilled and dedicated professional in identifying, developing, and mentoring emerging dance artists.  She has successfully developed Dances for a Small Stage as a breeding ground for new choreographic talent and as a stable, sustainable artistic venture.

Julie-anne has had the pleasure of working with many dance artists and companies including Ballet BC, Lola Dance, Margie Gillis, Emily Molnar and Crystal Pite/Kidd Pivot.  She also was on Faculty at Simon Fraser University from 2005-2007 as the Production/Stage Management Instructor in the School for the Contemporary Arts.