the team

Creative Producer:   Julie-anne Saroyan

Research + Development: Patrick Pennefather

Digital Media: Patio

Consultant: Linda Gorrie

Managing Producer: Dawn Padget

Artistic Associates:   Vanessa Goodman | Dayna Szyndrowski | Burgundy Brixx (aka Kyrst Hogan)

Production Assistant/ Lightning Rod: Jonathan Guhl

Photographers: Karolina Turek | Tristan Anderson | Tonino Guzzo | Laura Zeke | Cara Tench

Board of Directors:  Jessica Dorsey | Stephanie Hall | Jessica Lam | Trina McKinlay | Lee Rosenbaum | Anne Wittman

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Dances for a Small Stage premiered in 2002 at the Royal Pub on Granville Street in Vancouver. 

Since then, Small Stage has produced over 35 instalments in Vancouver and appeared three times at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre (2006 Canada Dance Festival, 2009 BC Scene and 2015 Magnetic North Festival + Canada Dance Festival).  Our partners include Quebec City (La Petite Scene) and Adelaide, Australia (Dances for a Small Stage Australia). 

The series showcases new and established dance professionals from Vancouver and across Canada on a ridiculously small stages, in unconventional venues and spaces.

Each Small Stage show is a collection of new and innovative dance works that are 5-7 minutes in length. The series showcases a wide diversity of styles and cultures that reflect the depth of unique and talented artists including ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, flamenco, Métis jig, Chinese Contemporary and Classical, Japanese Contemporary, Tap, Bhaṅgṛā and Scottish Highland.

Small Stage has have reached over 20,000 live audience members, many of whom had never before experienced dance.

Past projects have included Dances for a Small Stage, Small Stage point 5, Community Stages, Small Secret, Small Stage Salon Series and Summer Series.


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