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digital dance

Small Stage is introducing virtual dance experiences on demand!  We are blending technology and art for a brand-new way to experience dance. 

Please download our new app and experience digital dance on your own device.


  • Download the Small Stage: digital dance app. 

  • Print our small stage logo below.  

  • Follow the directions on the app, for cool and innovative digital dance experience.

  • Share it will all your friends.



This app was prototyped with a student team at the Centre for Digital Media. 

Please check out our process, through the eyes of Seán Conroy the Creative Lead, VFX Artist and UX Design on the project.   www.seanconroymedia.com



We are still developing our app and would LOVE to hear what you think! 

Please send any and all feedback to: ja@smallstage.ca


please find our privacy policy here.